the dangerous rise of socialism in the west

For years the term "solicalist" was nearly covered under Godwin's law, sneered and thrown at some opponent, never used to define oneself without a litany of caveats. And yet seemingly overnight American political discourse is flooded with the self-styled "democratic socialist" moniker, accompanying a religious sense of righteousness among its adherents. The idea that the Capitalist system represents the best hope of freedom against tyranny is lost in these, mostly very young, people.

How has America come to this point? And should it be something to fight against? Our most intellectually vulnerable people have been seduced by the promise of easy lives and the threat of vague, yet powerful, corrupt business interests. Such a reversal of thought in the minds of so many must surely have been directed intentionally, but by whom? And to what End? It can be no coincidence that the rise in acceptance of socialist thought has accompanied a parallel rise in violence and crime, imparting deep wounds to the country.

Any right-thinking American citizen ought now to think deeply about the seismic shift in political philosophy beneath their feet, who is most likely to have caused it, and whether their loved ones could have been intellectually infected.

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