Sailing Towards Conflict?

Another day, another outrage. Yesterday at 11pm, off the coast near the town of Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands, the U.S.S. Containment was forced to intercept several Chinese warships that refused to identify themselves to American forces. This is the third such night-time, unidentified incursion in the Bering Sea in the last two weeks.

Initial reports, since verified exclusively by this newspaper and then subsequently by Fox News, indicate that the vessels came at one point within 12 nautical miles of the U.S. mainland. Speaking to The Washington Telegraph, Naval Commander Abel Brown was trenchant in his criticism of the Chinese actions. "This overt provocation of American forces so close to the U.S. is simply unacceptable. We would repeat our explicit condemnation of these forays. Any further such incursions will be met with appropriate reasonable force."

In an official statement today, Beijing's diplomatic liaison to D.O.C.S. stated: "Our vessels remained in international waters for the duration of this so-called 'incident'. We find the comments of the U.S. Navy at this time to be unhelpful and needlessly aggressive."

The incidents are the latest to add to the rising temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, with the war of words between Washington and Beijing showing no signs of abating. To add to this broiling stew, Moscow weighed in on the debate today, describing the Chinese actions as "perfectly legitimate" and the American response as "completely excessive."

Viewed in isolation, these naval incursions could be dismissed as accidental, or perhaps mere sabre rattling. However, they are only the latest in what is now beginning to coalesce as a coordinated global movement, a threat to not only American servicemen and women working abroad, but to the very sovereignty of our country. American forces and civilians are being continually targeted by the our enemies; how long will it be before we target them back?

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