UN Secretary general dies in suspicious plane crash

On September 18th, 1961, UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold boarded aplane for the town of Ndola in Northern Rhodesia (no Zambia). The Swedish diplomat was on his way to meet spokespeople from the breakaway Katanga state in the Congo. He never made it. Jus before midnight, his plane crashed nine miles from Ndola killing everyone on board.

It's been reported that pilot error caused the crash but foul play is widely suspected.

Hammarskjold was in favour of Katanga remaining part of the Congo - a move that seriously upset the Belgians, who wanted to mine it's resources. He also backed the decolonized Congolese state, upsetting the pro colonialist Rhodesians and the Americans, who were terrified the Congo was going to enter the Soviet sphere.

Just before Hammarskjold's plane went down, an NSA operative at a listening post was reportedly told "something interesting is going to happen." The crash site was sealed off by Northern Rhodesian forces, and no-one allowed in. Village reported hearing explosions and seeing other aircraft.

It's thought Hammarskjold's plane was likely shot down, possibly by a Belgian mercenary. Who were they working for and what their exact motive was, and what lay at the plot's heart remain unknown!

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